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Are you a screenwriter who wants an easy way to send your pitch query to producers? Are you an agent or manager wanting to view your client's scripts, current queries, and pitches - or a producer tired of thousands of emails in your inbox? Smiling Pitch is a better way for screenwriters and TV scriptwriters to sell their screenplay or TV pilot and for managers and agents to know what is happening with a client's script - and for producers to find that perfect gem.  To take a  peek, click on Login and enter smiling as the user and password pitch - and look at what producers see as we get scripts added daily.  Are you a writer? Click on How it Works about, then Scripts to Learn More

We want to make you smile!

About Smiling Pitch

It is hard to Screenwriters sell a script!  Sending out queries takes a lot of time - and what do you say in your email?  Smiling Pitch has a Query Builder tool that helps you construct your email query and then send it.

It is hard for Managers and Agents to know  what have their clients been doing?  What scripts are ready and who have their clients sent a query to? With one login, a manager can see all the scripts in one place for all their clients.  They can easily search on thrillers and see the different scripts that all their clients have in that genre.

Producers gets thousands of emails with queries about scripts. How can they find that one from months ago about the flying dog?  During Phase 3 of our development, producers can create a wish list, indicate they are open for queries and receive them via Smiling Pitch. Instead of thousands of emails, they will get those queries they want and easily click, Pass, pass, pass - and then Request! Their previous queries last forever  - so easy to find that flying dog scripts while in a meeting.

How it Works

My Scripts

View all your scripts, the status, and where you have them hosted; monitor your open queries, and review any comments before doing your next rewrite.  Attach your pdf script, pitch deck, written pitch, and link to Canva deck - everything you need to sell a script and show off to producers.

Send a Query

Browse through the producers, look at the history and other user's comments (or make a comment and make it "private,") and find a few to query today. Select them and click on Send a Query. Pick the script - make sure your subject and body are right - and send it!  Try to send 5 new queries each week!

Open for Query

Are you an agent, studio, manager, or producer looking for a script or client? Create your "wish list" and then change your status to Open to Query.  On IMDb and your website, add Smiling Pitch as the way to contact you and then log in, review the submissions, and click on Request, Pass, Pass, Pass, Request.  Easy!  No more thousands of emails!


For the first time, I don't feel overwhelmed - unable to figure out what queries I have sent - or find the latest version of my script to send to a producer who has requested it when I'm traveling. Instead, I log onto Smiling Pitch and send out my script.

JJ Waya


I only have a dozen clients, but with a few scripts each - that means over a hundred loglines to remember. Now, when I'm in a meeting and they are looking for a comedy - I quickly log in and search - and find the five scripts that would be perfect to pitch.

Jessica Philllips


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